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Failure to change a diaper on a sufficiently regular basis can result in skin problems around the area covered by the diaper.

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has baffled the country and has forced police boss to institute full scale investigations into the motive.

Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri says the force is still trying to establish the motive behind the increase in the number of cases of women gang-raping men.

Shocked citizens say the bizarre trend appears to be driven more by superstition.

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A diaper (also called a nappy in South Africa, Ireland, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and Zimbabwe) is a type of underwear that allows one to defecate or urinate in a discreet manner, without the usage of a toilet.When diapers become soiled, they require changing; this process is sometimes performed by a second person such as a parent or caregiver.Plastic pants can be worn over diapers to avoid leaks, but with modern cloth diapers, this is no longer necessary.[citation needed]Diapers are primarily worn by children who are not yet potty trained or experience bedwetting.However, they have also been used by adults with incontinence or in certain circumstances where access to a toilet is unavailable.These can include those of advanced age, individuals with certain types of physical or mental disability, and people working in extreme conditions, such as astronauts.It is not uncommon for people to wear diapers under dry suits.

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