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Setup IIS to require client certificate and to use anonymous authentication I have a WCF web service for our customers to use. I will also use the client certificate to identify the customer.

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Full Name -match "Global Vision Services Root CA.cer"} if ($cert File -ne $NULL) { echo "Discovered the Your Root in the same folder as this script, installing it in the Local Machine\Root certificate store.." $cert = New-Object System.

Security consists of more than just some firewalls at the edge of your network protecting you from the outside.

It is a difficult and complex set of actions and procedures that strive to strengthen your systems as much as is appropriate.

This article discusses many aspects of security in general, including the IBM® Web Sphere® Application Server security architecture, and discusses hardening a Web Sphere Application Server environment.

If I set the IIS to require client certificate, my test client who should have access gets the error: Ok we have done the same as you. We first secured IIS with the client & server certificate. Close() } delete ssl -i "" httpcfg.exe" delete urlacl url="https://iisurl:443/" set urlacl url="https://iisurl:443/" user=Everyone httpcfg.exe" set ssl -i "" -h Thump Print change the Thump Print to the Thump Print of the certificate with subject name iisurl. With this config, if you browse over https to the url iisurl/Order Service It asks you for a client certificate.

We did this on IIS Express (still in development while I'm posting this). Full Name) $root Store = new-object system.security.cryptography.x509certificates.x509Store 'Root','Local Machine' $root Store. I recommend you fully automate this with powershell, we have this to, so we can develop on multiple machines.

We allowed in IIS express mapped to in our host file, so we have trusted certifcates. Some parts of it: Generating the root certificate (powershell) Invoke-Command -Script Block{ .

For the iis Client Certification Mapping check this out. "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0A\bin\makecert.exe" -n "CN=Your Root CA" -r -sv Your Root Your Root CA.cer} $cert File = get-childitem $ex Path | where {$_.

This updated article has been significantly revised for Web Sphere Application Server V7, 8.0, and 8.5, and has been edited to focus solely on hardening. This content is part of the IBM Web Sphere Developer Technical Journal.

View more content in this series Martin Lansche is a Consulting IT Specialist and is the Web Sphere Security Worldwide Lead with IBM Software Services for Web Sphere.

Mr Lansche worked in development for 14 years in such disparate areas as VM System Programming and C/C++ compiler tools.

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