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Watson was made uncomfortable by the situation, created a vlog post discussing it, and that post ignited a heated debate (which even drew in Richard Dawkins, many feminist rebuttals, and spiraled out of control).The resulting "debate" has left many a man scratching his head and asking the questions, Clearly, men don't want to become the object of Internet ridicule or feminist scorn.

So, in this instance, while I believe women's needs for safety and comfort are very important, I also hold that they can be respected in ways that do not require men to renounce their masculinity, confidence, goals, aspirations, or assertiveness. Ideally, look for situations where a woman is most comfortable and approach her there.

Therefore, this advice is for men who would like to grow to be "confident, assertive, and masculine" above-and-beyond simply "shy, geeky, and nice" - and it offers a few additions to the points put forth by Dr. Learn to be comfortable wherever she is comfortable (read my post HERE if you get approach anxiety).

In reality though, she is most likely taking her cues from you.

My perspective encourages men to be active and assertive.

In fact, it is my opinion (and one of the principles of my approach) that all individuals are entitled to be assertive about their needs, wants, and desires.

Both men and women should respect each other's boundaries, but also be free to pursue their interests.

We should be looking for the win-win at all times, without stifling each other, or censoring the other group.

Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor One of my fellow PT bloggers, Dr.

Kaufman, recently wrote an article about "what shy, geeky, nice guys can learn from the Rebecca Watson incident".

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