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He walked around the True Bloid set completely naked, no cock sock.

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I wonder how many Warners execs would've jumped out the window if Skarsgård would've turned out in a pair of skidmarked undies. I think the character is out of copyright, so no royalties to pay. Christ, I'm 32 and feel like DLers only wants daddies or kids.[quote]Ellen Page coming out more effectively outed AS. It seems that bearding situations can be a bit more complex than that.

Regardless though, this movie is going to be a bomb. Tarzan sounds like a stupid idea to begin with but superhero movies had been doing well. But AS is a gay guy who's too old for the twink lovers and not muscular enough for the rest.

Truth r17, you know Skarsgard would have been game with however skimpy a costume they wanted him to wear.

He would have been up for anything but there's so much silly prudery, still, in American motion pictures.

It looks like his chest hair is possibly a shade or a few darker than the hair on his arms, although it looks like his body is oiled in the pic below which makes the hair look darker.

I have hair like that as well, quite blond and light on my arms but darker on my chest and legs.

Alexander's hair is slightly more blond than mine, though.

I used to be a super platinum blond as a kid but the older I get the darker my hair gets.[quote] I wish they would do a Tarzan movie that was faithful to the original book(s). Too often they are portrayed as British, like in the Disney animated film and now this one., but the characters are from Baltimore. (His parents were a British lady and lord You seek Greystoke: the Legend of Tarzan.[quote]Not that I'm complaining but, what exactly was the point?

It got him (and thus the movie) exponentially more attention than if he had went and just presented normally?

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