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" she says, pulling a goofy "appalled at the idea" face."I'm not a big party person and I wouldn't want them walking onstage with a cake..."My interviewee's distinct lack of diva syndrome reportedly impressed Robert Plant when the pair duetted on 2008's 2.5 million-selling album Raising Sand, but other factors – Krauss's impeccable bluegrass pedigree, her impish, apple-shaped cheeks – were doubtless a draw, too.

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Between them Krauss and Tyminski have probably done more to propagate bluegrass than anyone since the inventor of the banjo.

But after all these years, what is it that brings Krauss back to the well?

"I just love the message", she says, pulling at tousled blonde locks various hair-clips are failing to tame. It's, 'I killed this person and I should have', or 'I killed that person and I shouldn't have'.

"It's a fantasy about simple life and basic values and there's not too much psychology or over-thinking things. It's very black and white and I love the picture it paints about home and family." But for her it's just a fantasy?

"Well, when I say fantasy, I don't mean that it isn't truthful," the singer qualifies.

"When I listen to Charlie Louvin's music I hear about the hard times in life and the beautiful times.

It rings true and I can get lost in it."Talented, phenomenally successful – and let's face it wealthy – Krauss may be, but such blessings are, of course, ultimately unable to prevent life's tougher challenges.

Backstage at The Sage, Gateshead, the phrase "hob-nobbing with the stars" has taken on a different meaning.

The Mc Vitie's oatmeal biscuit of the same name is much loved by Alison Krauss, and a pack of the treats is brightening the singer's day post-sound-check.

Such simple pleasures seem curiously typical of this 26-time Grammy award winner and reigning bluegrass queen, a woman who is, by all accounts, very low-maintenance.

Warm but wary, sans make-up, and dressed in a tomboy-ish, decidedly off-stage outfit of purple sweatshirt, jogging pants and trainers, Krauss deflects compliments and describes herself as "a bit of a hermit; someone a little out of step with the modern world."Presumably her band-mates fussed over her when she turned 40 on tour back in July, I enquire."Oh no!

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