Updating websites html dating for 2 years anniversary

This is the name that appears in a tooltip when hovering over the Pinned site button on the Windows 7 taskbar.The application name is also appended to the window title of the Pinned site application instance." Although the documentation refers to an application, it gives an example of writing this metadata for HTML.

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0001 is an example for a user id, v0.7 identifies which version of SEO is used (In this case version Beta 7 / 0.7). A collection is described as a group, an aggregation of topics Used to describe the top-level content of XHTML documents.

If you're using Blazerr SEO, you have to include this meta-tag. These appear in your META tags showing a group of subject.

Website Taxonomy improve classification for search engine analysis and semantic communication with a description language content.

Defines the vendor's contact information by way of a phone-number (such as the customer support number), an e-mail ID (such as the customer support mail ID) or a physical address (such as the office address or billing address).

Usage: The content attribute is a space separated string containing the phone-number followed by the e-mail ID and then the address (specified within quotes).

For specifying multiple entries a semi-colon separated list of name: value pairs can be defined.The name can be any descriptive tag identifying the given location.Note that URL-valued properties must not be registered as meta names but should be registered as rel keywords instead.Also note that changes to this registry will not be reflected in validators in real time.But the validators will get automatically updated with the changes within one week or so.For Windows 7: "[D]efines the name of the Pinned site application instance.

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