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It was instantly going to do away with all that complication, and allow each of us to manage and backup our devices without going to a specific computer.However, questions that were not answered in the general descriptions of Mr Jobs’ keynote soon arose after I started using the i OS 5 beta on mine and my wife’s i Phones.If we only had one Apple ID, and our i Cloud account was linked to it, how were we supposed to independently synchronize our devices?

While this is a bit of specific case, I do know plenty of people besides myself who are using a single Apple ID to share apps between several devices.

This capability, along with the inexpensive and contract-free i Pod Touch, is one of the big attractions of the Apple ecosystem for families.

I have an i Phone 4 and an i Pad 2, my wife has a 3GS, and my two boys each have an i Pod Touch.

We also have an Apple TV in the house now, and when I upgrade the 4S in a month (I hate you AT&T), my wife will inherit my i Phone 4 and my 5 year old daughter will take her 3GS to use without the SIM as an i Pod.

We would eventually be adding four more when i OS 5 was released. Unfortunately, Apple was not giving away any specific answers to this and many other specific questions during the beta.

I dug through the Apple forums and did several Google searches, but most of the discussions that I came across centered on the exact opposite problem- people who had multiple Apple IDs and Mobile Me account who would no longer be able to use them all one a single device.

Even when I came across discussions of this issue, there weren’t any solid answers.

Thanks to the ability to share my original Apple ID, we’ve been able to save a lot of money in apps and music over time.

The Apple ecosystem makes perfect sense for a family like us, and I know many others who are doing the same things with several Apple devices in their households.

As great a fit as the Apple ecosystem has been, it can also be a real hassle trying to keep all of those devices upgraded, backed up, and synced with 2 different computers in our house.

This is one of the reasons that I was so excited when I heard Steve Jobs describe what i Cloud would offer when it arrived.

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