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Its firmware is officially user-upgradable, since it is a Linux-based computer, as opposed to third-party "patching" of alternate receivers.All units support Dream's own Dream Crypt conditional access (CA) system, with software-emulated CA Modules (CAMs) available for many alternate CA systems.

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Unlike many PC based PVR systems that use free-to-air type of DVB receiver cards, the built-in conditional access allows receiving and storing encrypted content.

In 2007, Dream Multimedia also introduced a non-Linux based Dreambox receiver, the DM100, their sole to date, still featuring an Ethernet port.

It has a USB-B port for service instead of the RS232 or mini-USB connectors found on other models.

Unlike all other Dreamboxes, it features an STMicroelectronics CPU instead of Power PC or MIPS.

There are a number of different models of Dreambox available.

The numbers are suffixed with -S for Satellite, -T for Terrestrial and -C for Cable: The DM 7000 is based around the IBM STB04500 controller, featuring a Power PC processor subsystem and hardware MPEG decoding, has 64 Mi B of RAM, 8 Mi B of NOR flash memory (directly executable), a Common Interface slot, a dual smart card reader, a Compact Flash card reader, a USB 1.1 port, and an IDE (also known as PATA) interface for attaching an internal 3.5 in hard disk drive to convert the unit into a digital video recorder. Because the boot loader resides in flash memory, this model may require the use of a JTAG in case of bad flashing which destroyed the boot loader.However, a bad flash will occur under rare scenarios, and rarely, almost never, will you need a JTAG. The only difference being that the DM 5620 included an Ethernet port.The Linux-based production software originally used by Dreambox was originally developed for DBox2, by the Tuxbox project.The Dbox2 was a proprietary design distributed by Kirch Media for their pay TV services.The bankruptcy of Kirch Media flooded the market with unsold boxes available for Linux enthusiasts.The Dreambox shares the basic design of the DBox2, including the Ethernet port and the Power PC processor.

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