Travis mccoy dating neon hitch

June Guaraldi graduates from Abraham Lincoln High School, in the center of San Francisco's Sunset District.

Unspecified Guaraldi has his first professional gig, briefly touring with saxman Kermit Scott, who formerly worked with Thelonious Monk.

Guido Caccienti and Johnny Noga purchase a building at 200 Hyde Street, which once housed San Francisco's Stork Club.

They re-fashion the space into a nightclub, and call their new business the Blackhawk.

Guaraldi takes formal lessons from jazz pianist, composer and bandleader Leonard Auletti.

Guaraldi meets and begins dating Shirley Moskowitz.

Unspecified Jack Rushin opens a nightclub at 609 Market Street, San Francisco.

The neon sign ordered to hang above the entrance arrives flawed, but Rushin elects to use it anyway; Fack's eventually will become one of the city's jazz hot spots.

July 17 Vincent Anthony Dellaglio is born in San Francisco's North Beach area.

Unspecified Five-year-old Vince takes an interest in keeping the beat when his uncles, Joe and Maurice "Muzzy" Marcellino, visit the home and perform music for the family.

Unspecified Seven-year-old Vince's mother, Carmella, begins giving her son piano lessons.

September Vince, as a Boy Scout, receives merit badges for safety, personal health and firemanship.

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