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In the end, 6 jams on the table yielded the best results, with the most amount of purchasers. With the influx of online dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble (not to mention Grindr), we are now presented with endless possibilities when it comes to finding a good romantic partner.I read a famous book recently, written by comedian Aziz Ansari titled Modern Romance, and it has really brought a lot of clarity to the modern day dating process for me.In this book, it presented many psychological studies proving that people are actually less satisfied when presented with too many options.

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We are constantly evolving, progressing, and becoming improved versions of our ancestors.

We want things to come faster and in larger quantities.

Eventually, it can become an incessant need for bigger and better things …

spiraling us into a bottomless well of needing more just to feel satisfied.

When it comes to finding “the one” or a soulmate, we start to dramatize and idealize our experience with these potential partners.

When they don’t meet our standards of perfection, we eliminate them instantly.We know that the next option is right around the corner, so why settle for less? , leading us to an endless loop of searching for greener grass on the other side, never finding satisfaction anywhere ?No options is bad, but too many options can easily lead to feelings of dissatisfaction also.There was a study done using samples of jams to lure potential shoppers to buy at a supermarket.One table had 2 samples of jams, the other table had 6 samples of jams, and the last table had 26 samples of jams.The shoppers felt that 2 options of jams did not satisfy them, and 26 options of jams just made them feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and less inclined to buy anything at all.

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