Tips on writing online dating emails

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Nobody will believe you but they will lie to you because that is what you said you wanted but is not what they are interested in. You can BE sexually confident, but don’t write that– you’ll just attract weirdoes.6. Write what YOU want, not what you think someone else wants.

Somehow, I don’t think that 85% of women in the online dating world would really choose watching Sunday football and baseball on TV as a favorite activity, but apparently they do.

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I am a single widowed man age 49 who has met some personable, attractive women on ) because so many profiles that I have seen are poorly constructed and not thoughtfully put together.

Which is why, I feel compelled to tell my story of what NOT to write in order to find a mate — or just a date.

I know it’s tough out there, and I know, it’s easier for men than women. Take it for what’s it worth –free advice from one on the other end.1.

Which is why – I have a sister after all – I want to be honest about what works and what doesn’t from a guy who genuinely likes women. First, ignore any overture that isn’t polite and genuine and well written. That’s just some lazy slob who probably can’t write or has decided you are not worth the time to write.2. Look happy, look fun, look exotic if you want, but the picture you post should be engaging and reflect you. Sometimes the pictures people put up look like they just came out of prison.

Second: Put some honest effort into picking your pictures. If you can’t take or own three nice, normal pictures of yourself, then either you have no friends or you’re just lazy or you don’t care. I auto skip anyone with only one picture no matter how beautiful. Also be honest—don’t post pictures that will disappoint in real life.

I skip anyone whose photo is of them standing in the bathroom shooting themselves in the mirror with their i- phone. When people see you in person they should be thinking that you are as lovely as your picture — or even lovelier.3. Don’t put up three photos where you look great and one photo where you look like you slept with pigs in a haystack the whole night with the caption….” I slept in a haystack all night!

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