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Sula follows Claire around and finally into a junk shop. When Claire gets home, she finds herself dressing more sexy and the same happens to Sula.Well Sula needs a job and goes to a law firm and guess who she meets?

Well, he left out one minnor detail, he can hypnotize people.

Britley had it all and started to loose it and a righ man offered millions to spend one night with her.

Well, the night turns better when he has her way with her.

2 young ladies bump into each other and the story goes crazy from there.

She has her hypnotize her and the worm infected body tells her to take the worms from the disposal can and infest herself with them. I just hope that Tabico adds more because this is truly one of my favorites. I first read this on the asstr homepage and I’m glad it found its way here. It’s a great story where the office becomes a sex filled emviroment. Not only is this a great story, it’s filled with lots of detail.

Cindy goes on vacation but when she comes back the town has been enslaved by a corporation and it picks up from there. Girls start dressing mini skirts getting shorter and shorter everyday. Girl goes to a private college and she changes into a bi with no inhabitions. Stupid movie comes out but grows on the people as a clothing line opens up based on the movie’s clothes.

really great story, Farleven should add more to it. Lots of detail in the clothes and I wish I could do that to some of my teachers. I recommend it to your students out rhere, wish my school was like this. Boy touches an artifact giving him the power of pleasure to women. Well the movie itself has strange effects on the town and causes everyone to dress like the characters. Company starts to go bankrupt and gets outside help.

Well in this story, a man does just that and turns his girl friend into his love slave when they are alone together. The milk starts to make’re just gonna have to go read it.

He makes her younger, big chested, and more kinkier. Hope the author continues this story or journal as it is written.

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