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Police say the crime was a “pre-planned” honor killing, perpetrated by village leaders outside of Abbottabad with approval from the village council, the Washington reports.Ambreen Riasat had helped her friend marry a boy in court without the bride’s father’s permission, prompting a number of men to drag her from her house, tie her inside a van and set her on fire, according to the paper.

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Bloodied: Zeenat's grieving husband Hassan Khan, 19, told Mail Online she came to his house after they were married beaten and bloodied and asked him to elope with her so she could escape their brutal clutches Mr Khan revealed on the fourth day of their marriage Zeenat's mother Parveen a cousin and another family member arrived at their home and told his parents they wanted to take Zeenat home so that a proper marriage could be arranged.

Beaten: Her husband Mr Khan, a mechanic, told Mail Online: 'Her family was very bad.

She was often beaten by her mother just for nothing.' He said they came to his house four days after the wedding to take her home He went on: 'They gave us assurance that in a couple of days, proper marriage would be arranged with relatives and friends and then they would hand over Zeenat to them in the presence of relatives and friends.'After discussions between both the families, my parents agreed to their proposal and we have allowed her to go with her mother.

Although, Zeenat was reluctant to go with them but even then we decided to send her.'He said: 'After living with me for four days following our marriage, her family contacted us and promised they would throw us a proper wedding party after eight days. Naseem Bibi, Perveen's younger sister, told AFP: 'After killing her daughter, Perveen went out on the street, took off her shawl and started beating herself on her chest, shouting: 'People!

I have killed my daughter for misbehaving and giving our family a bad name.'A month earlier, police arrested 13 members of a local tribal council who allegedly strangled a girl and set her on fire for helping a friend elope.

The charred body of 17-year-old Ambreen Riasat was found in a burned van.

Members of a tribal council accused of ordering the burning death of a 16 year old girl are shown to the media after they were arrested by police in Donga Gali, outside Abbottabad, Pakistan on May 5, 2016.

Fourteen people in a village in northwest Pakistan were arrested Thursday for burning a teenager to death because she helped her friend elope.

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