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She expressed disbelief that a one-on-one reading structure was anything more than a pseudo-audition (deriding it as “more like a speed-dating scenario than a class”).

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Veteran casting director Marci Liroff, who is currently spearheading a Casting Society of America committee to probe widespread pay-to-play audition practices, has harshly criticized the industry’s practices, according to a memo obtained by casting director Scott David, has parted ways with the show and shuttered his workshop business, The Actors Link. The memo indicates that Liroff’s comments were made over the phone on June 9 to Ajarae Coleman, the founder and operator of The Workshop Guru, a listings service for workshop classes.

City Attorney Mike Feuer to take action on the issue is closing in on 15,000 signatures.

Coleman then transcribed and paraphrased the remarks as annotations and observations about the CSA's detailed official workshop guidelines, which were issued in May 2010.

“She took me through the Guidelines one by one, highlighting offenses that she believes are happening regularly,” Coleman wrote in an introduction to the memo, which was distributed during a meeting with fewer than 10 owners and managers of workshops that took place the following day, at Connect Studios in Burbank.

” Liroff asked aloud) The June 10 meeting at Connect Studios among workshop owners turned in short order into a venting session, according to one attendee.

While they are upset, in the near-term, that there has been a dip in monthly client business ’s investigation.

“CDs [industry shorthand for casting directors] are canceling left and right,” this attendee says.

(Representatives from Connect, Go Go Acting, The Workshop Spot, Actors Advantage, Next Level Studios and Act Now were among those in attendance.

The prominent Actor’s Key, of particular focus for Liroff, was not.) In an interview, Coleman acknowledged the authenticity of the memo but would not speak further to the meetings except to say, “It’s a work in progress.” Liroff, CSA president Richard Hicks and the owners of Connect Studios declined requests for comment.

The CSA will be holding a town hall meeting for members on July 14, which will focus on the workshop issue.

Liroff’s remarks, as rendered by Coleman, were tersely dismissive about the educational value of the workshops often bandied about by the owners and participating casting directors, along with their associates and assistants.

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