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Background: “I'm quite shy naturally so acting is good for me because it's really forced me to face my biggest fears and come out of my shell.” Sophia Myles Spotted by screenwriter Julian Fellowes of “Gosford Park” fame in a school play, British actress Sophia Myles, also known as Sophia Miles, was first noted in her native country for her performances in period dramas like “Mansfield Park” (1999) and the miniseries versions of “Oliver Twist” (1999) and “The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby” (2001).

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Myles's additional film credits include From Hell with Johnny Depp and Heather Graham, Underworld starring Kate Beckinsale, and Thunderbirds with Anthony Edwards and Bill Paxton.

In 2006, Myles will co-star with American actor James Franco in the romantic drama Tristan and Isolde, playing the role of Isolde.

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Susan Gascoigne (1 episode, 2002) The Abduction Club (2002) .... Victoria Abberline The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (2001) (TV) .... aka Nicholas Nickleby (UK: short title) Guest House Paradiso (1999) ....

aka Classic Heartbeat (UK: rerun title) From Hell (2001) ....

Sophia Myles Biography Sophia Myles was born in London, England. aka Tristan & Isolde (USA: promotional title) Underworld: Evolution (2006) ....

Her father, Peter Myles, is a vicar in Isleworth, West London and her mother, Jane, works in educational publishing; her paternal grandmother was Russian.

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