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I agree, the News panel does need some revamps in what we put there. Also, I think some people don't read the tips because they're called tips, and usually the word tips doesn't refer to something you have to read.

However, FPC's and (at least) SDS's are notable and fun to know about. I bet there is at least some vandalism on at least 1 page. Vox Bot might help, because we can ask it questions and they'll get answered. Incentives are basically rewards to make people what to edit more. The incentive is, if you mow my lawn today, I will give you five pieces of hand-made chocolate. User: Kr Is Ma/Proposed SContrib I have completed a draft for the changing of S: CONTRIB! (Sorry if that sounded really harsh, I didn't mean that in a mean way Thanks for your thoughts!

Even though they might be on the Scratch front page doesn't mean we can't have it. I was thinking call it "Wiki Cleanup." It would look like this: We're sort of trying to do this all of the time, it just can be forgotten at times though. Maybe it could be something we do regularly, sort of as a collective push. Not done Why don't we have a template that says "This article would normally break the Scratch Wiki's guidelines. Regarding the second point, I think what I was trying to express is that we should do our best to be concise-- not actually eliminate important information.

I can understand though that FPC do get updated very frequently, every week, and might not be too notable. FPCs change every week now, so it's going to simply clutter up the news box and make more important announcements disappear more quickly. However, an exception has been made for it because" and then the reason? All of those pages are either obviously very important to Scratch history/culture and/or have had significant discussion first, so the EWs and admins will be aware of the situation anyway. If we want the applicants to read something that's long and repetitive simply to show that they can, that seems like an unnecessary barrier to entry for otherwise potentially qualified applicants.

Maybe you could add an option in the Preferences allowing you to enable and disable FPC and SDS announcements? Remember that we do read talk pages before deleting pages and don't automatically delete everything marked for deletion with a reason that looks valid. Just remember, the article should have: - Good content - Have a few images - Follow Wiki standards @pianogirl84: That usually means that either the div is too wide, or there are other scripts "pushing" the width of the box. Perhaps my proposal of reducing it by half was a little dramatic-- but I do think we could reduce it without loosing much of the message.

, 28 July 2016 (UTC) Not done We haven't started it yet! However, in practice, this is never really done and I don't think I've seen any page on this wiki cite a source like that. In fact, making it more concise could actually strengthen the message.So do you think we should actually start referencing in full, or should we just remove that part? Regarding my "do not" suggestion-- it's good to hear about your experience.We're trying to fix that by connecting the Wiki with the main site as much as we can, and we would like your input! Please post your suggestions here Not done Do we really have to announce new FPC's and SDS's? I think It should be about new and retiring ST members, and stuff that would go in the announcements. That stuff is kind of obvious, and not very important.Also, it happens a lot, so it doesn't always get updated on time.For example, bjskistad was only curator for 1 or 2 more days when he or she was announced as the curator. We told users that we reserved the right for using their request notes without their username. The only things I think you should change are the "Login to your account" part and the tips section towards the end.Also, I think updates to Scratch should be announced. I talked to an admin and he said that as long as we're not making fun of people, it's ok. The login section makes it sound like you need to log in to your wiki account, not your Scratch account, so maybe you could add the word Scratch to the heading?

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