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“He said he was going to be thinking rude thoughts about her and what he would like to do to her,” the court heard.“On quite a few occasions he performed a sexual act in front of the computer,” his legal representative explained.

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“There are a lot of upset and angry parents,” said one mum.

“We want to know how he was allowed in a class without the checks being done.” With anger mounting, Picknalls head teacher has been moved to publicly reassure parents.

In a statement, Anne Tapp admitted: “I can assure parents and the community that children are safe at Picknalls First School.

Confidentiality prevents me from providing more details, but there was a one-off occasion during which children were fully supervised at all times.” Former Thomas Alleyne School teacher Lindsay was jailed in 2011 after grooming a girl for sordid internet and webcam chats.

He “flattered and complimented” her before sending explicit messages and performing a webcam sex act, his conduct dubbed “cringe-worthy”.

It was two years before the grubby messages were discovered on the girl’s laptop and she was psychologically harmed by the investigation and humiliation that followed.Lindsay first took an interest in her when she was 14 and engaged in the X-rated cyber chats when she was 16 or 17.A primary school has been placed in special measures after allowing a shamed teacher, jailed for internet schoolgirl sex chats, to return to the classroom.Ofsted discovered that Craig Lindsay, described as a “volunteer”, had been in the first school without a written risk assessment being carried out.Now concerned parents are demanding to know how Lindsay was allowed into Picknalls First School in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.Neither the school, Ofsted nor the Local Education Authority has named the 41-year-old, but a source close to Picknalls said: “What happened involved one day, one isolated incident some months ago.

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