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Howard Hawks was the eldest of five children and his birth was followed by Kenneth Neil Hawks (August 12, 1899 – January 2, 1930), William Bellinger Hawks (January 29, 1901 – January 10, 1969), Grace Louise Hawks (October 17, 1903 – December 23, 1927) and Helen Bernice Hawks (1906-May 4, 1911).

In 1898 the family moved to Neenah, Wisconsin where Frank Hawks began working for his father-in-law's Howard Paper Company.

Between 19 the Hawks family began to spend more time in Pasadena, California during the cold Wisconsin winters in order to improve Helen Hawks's ill health.

In 1942, Hawks was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director for Sergeant York, and in 1975 he was awarded an Honorary Academy Award as "a master American filmmaker whose creative efforts hold a distinguished place in world cinema." Howard Winchester Hawks was born in Goshen, Indiana, the first-born child of Frank W.

Hawks (1865–1950), a wealthy paper manufacturer, and his wife, Helen (née Howard; 1872–1952), the daughter of a wealthy industrialist. Howard (1845–1916), had homesteaded in Neenah, Wisconsin in 1862 at age 17.

Hawks's family on his father's side were American pioneers and his ancestor John Hawks had emigrated from England to Massachusetts in 1630. Within 15 years he had made his fortune in the town's paper mill and other industrial endeavors.

Frank Hawks and Helen Howard met in the early 1890s and married in 1895.

Howard Winchester Hawks (May 30, 1896 – December 26, 1977) was an American film director, producer and screenwriter of the classic Hollywood era.

Critic Leonard Maltin labeled Hawks "the greatest American director who is not a household name." He has influenced some of the most popular and respected directors such as Martin Scorsese, Robert Altman, John Carpenter, and Quentin Tarantino.

His work is admired by many notable directors including Peter Bogdanovich, François Truffaut, Michael Mann and Jacques Rivette.

He is popular for his films from a wide range of genres such as Scarface (1932), Bringing Up Baby (1938), Only Angels Have Wings (1939), His Girl Friday (1940), Sergeant York (1941), To Have and Have Not (1944), The Big Sleep (1946), Red River (1948), The Thing from Another World (1951), Monkey Business (1952), Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953), and Rio Bravo (1959).

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