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He had been refusing to let me see it for days and it was literally driving me bonkers!

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I would like to share my story as, even if you don’t read it, I may find it somewhat cathartic writing it out. I grew up going to meetings with them and took part in Alateen for several years.

I am 32 years old, a registered nurse and have been married to my husband, who is 24, for almost 2 years. I’d like to say he is recovering but I have accepted that my father’s lies/secrets are as much a part of him as his family and he may use drugs from day to day for all I know. I have tried to go back to meetings, but I do not feel comfortable–besides I live in a small town in WV and every meeting I go to within a 60 mile radius contains women/men who know my mother and father. We have a wonderful time together in life, when we are not fighting.

I knew about his problem, which I now know is truly an addiction, several months after we started dating.

I am just sure he hates me, has no respect for me and he does these things because he is so unhappy and he just doesn’t care.

After Multiple attempts at quitting on his own, he has recently admitted that he has a problem in which he needs help. He is currently in waiting for a therapy appointment at a local clinic and has a psychiatry appointment set up for this month.

In the mean time I am finding it VERY difficult to let things go–to let him do his thing, I should say.

I have a broken leg from a fall in my yard and I am laid up with a cast on my leg–not working for several more weeks. I recently crouched to the hallway outside our bedroom then proceeded to crawl on the floor to his side of the bed to get to his phone.

He told me that it would stop as soon as we got married…and here it is, almost our two year anniversary and it’s still the thorn in my heart.

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