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Here is the client and server code needed to perform the interaction. Autocompletion is a browser feature that "remembers" what you entered in previous text form fields with the same ID.

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The Java Blue Prints program consists of a set of guidelines and best practices, as well as small applications to illustrate these guidelines on both the J2EE 1.4 and 1.5 platforms.

If you've ever entered form data on the Internet, you've likely encountered cases where server-side processing is used to validate that the data meets a specified set of criteria.

Java Script may be used on the client-side to validate the format of simple data such as email addresses, phone numbers, dates, or credit card numbers.

However, client-side processing is limited in that it cannot apply business rules or access server-side data sources to perform that validation.

Consider some of the following use-cases: Traditional web applications require that the form data be posted to the server.

This is followed by some sort of back-end processing of that data, and finally an HTML page refresh that yields the results of the post.

However, this strategy can be distracting to the end user, especially in cases where a single form field is invalid and the user has to re-enter a large set of form data.

Hence, the problem becomes: Using Asynchronous Java Script and XML (Ajax) interactions, data may be validated in near real-time as the user types the data in an HTML form.

In this case, form data is validated asynchronously, which allows the HTML page to continue processing events while the form data is being validated by a server-side component in the background.

If the form data does not match what is required by the server-side logic, the user knows immediately and can change it without having to refresh the HTML page.

At this point, let's walk through a sample application that uses Ajax to dynamically check form field data before a form is posted.

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