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But, once you start using them, you will realize how badly they have been architected.I would say, to showcase the power of the product/tool.

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As you might have known already from my previous post, in one of my projects we use Telerik Controls extensively for showing various GUI controls. Lot of people have asked me, why I hate them, hence for the benefit of the community, I have decided to document the reasons of my hatred for Telerik controls.

Telerik has provided a lot of controls that could be used in variety of situations.

They have provided lots of demos for various controls that they provide.

Looking at just the demo, anyone will be impressed with these controls and would want to give them a shot.

If entire Telerik demo website not working on Firefox 64 bit, its a shame if not anything else. Why would any one decide to render one Text box as using three input tags!

Lets talk about the most basic Telerik control, the Rad Text Box. Whats the problem with rendering one Text Box as three input tags? ), the code to update the value of the text field to "Hello World" should look like But unfortunately, the above code does not work.You might feel, surely there is nothing wrong with the text box right! Well, none of your traditional Java Script would work! lets say, you were using j Query for your Java Script manipulation (BTW, j Query is an excellent Java Script framework. Since Telerik uses 3 input tags to render one text box the above Java Script code does not set the value of the text field!But unfortunately, Telerik has got the most basic control wrong. Instead, Telerik provides Java Script wrappers for their controls. I will say it again, JQuery api would not work as expected with Telerik Controls.In this case to update the value of the first name text box we have to use the following Java Script. Imagine, how you will show/hide, enable/disable the text box.What about adding/removing a class from the text box.These are just a few examples of what you will not be able to do using j Query because of Telerik controls.

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