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Even here the Pagan Singles group, I haven't found one person who's been in a relationship from it, although it's totally free. Are pagan dating sites worth the money or simply worthless? Mel I think most dating sites are a rip off for the most part, does not matter if they are geared towards one particular group or not.

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I am wiccan, and i have been practing for two…Continue Hi! Looking to get to know others in the area who share in some of the same interests, I'm a practicing Celtic, and have crazy love for Stone and Crystal magiks as well.

My name's Bridget and I have been looking to make wiccan/pagan friends for a few years now. I'm an American woman, living in Germany, but I'm thinking of moving either back to America or to England... I'm looking to make some long lasting friends,acquaintances and possibly find harmonious romance...knows. Love to meet new people, and would be open to new friends and anything potentially more.

I live in the Seattle, Washington area and would love to get to know someone from this area, although…Continue 26 year old female, Eccentric Pagan. I'm a 34 y/o, married and looking for like minded friends. I could careless where you live, or wether you are male or female. My Path is Solitary Eclectic...spiritual but not religious. If any of that or on my page seems interesting, let us chat.

Just looking for someone to chat with, male or female not looking for dating, etc. Anyone from Ontario would be great, would…Continue For those of you in and around the Kennesaw, GA area, the Spiral Oak Grove will be hosting a Midsummer Pagan Mixer for people to meet new friends and make special connections. Weather a mate or just looking for friends' Its all good. I am fairly new on my journey and all the friendships and interactions I can get would be greatly appreciated.

To RSVP to the event and for more information you may visit our event page at: https:// and also our website pages at: https:// and Meet yall Anyone in South Eastern Kansas or North Eastern Oklahoma, Of like Pagan mind? :) You can only learn so much from videos and books. Blessed Be.merry meet my name is luke but id rather go by Lucian I currently live in texas I am 20 yrs old fixing to be 21 come april 24th I just need some one to talk to been feeling just like im all alone I have no one the re anymore I mean yea it sucks but at least I don't have to deal with heart break anymore Hi, would be great to meet some like minded people here in Inverness but im open to any one in any country, im an easy going person and love to chat, eat and basicly enjoy life, I work as a travel agent so traveling is also some thing I enjoy, ive lived and worked in many countries but love being in the Highlands.

I have been a free member of two pagan dsting sites. There are adult Video sites cheaper than that, and at least they deliver the product. And when they did find a profile that matches mine, all of a sudden, just to message that person, they want .99 a month!A place to meet and make new and budding friendships.Everyone is welcome to join regardless of sexual orientation.When joining please give a brief description of self. I am very intrigued by…Continue Tags: #newmember Hi there I was just wondering, if there are more people from Scotland here (been looking in the other forums, but most posts there are incredible old).Please be careful who you share personal info with im andrew engman and im a pagan, i would like to have friends who just know something about what it is we do, some people i can exchange information with and maybe even cut up a little in the…Continue Merry Meet everyone! I currently am new to this group as well as Wiccan Together. I'm not looking for a relationship, being old…Continue Hello, I am 24, single and looking for a relationship.

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