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Creating a display menu item for the Workflow configurations form. A new enumeration displays under the Module Axapta node.Right-click the new enumeration, and then click Properties.

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Label Set to @SYS105185 or another label that represents the text for the workflow configurations form in the client. After the new module enum and display menu item are created, you can add them to the Menus node.

To create a menu for a new module In the AOT, right-click the Menus node, and then click New Menu. Right-click the new menu, and then click Properties.

Property Value Name Set to a label or name of the new module.

Right-click the Display node, and then click New Menu Item. Right-click the new display menu item, and then click Properties.

In the Properties sheet, set the following properties.

Property Value Name Set to Workflow Configurations where is replaced by a reference to the name of the new module. Enum Parameter Set to the enum created in the preceding procedure.For example, you could set this value to Workflow Configuration Recruit for a new module named Recruiting. Security Key Specify a valid security key for the new module. In the AOT, right-click the new display menu item, and then click Save.Hi, How to Create a New Module with Workflow: Dynamics AX 2009: In Microsoft Dynamics AX, modules are enabled for workflow.However, in some cases, you will need to create a new module that contains workflow.In each module that contains workflow, a Workflow configurations form menu item must be added to the Setup pane.The following procedures are described in this topic: Creating a new module enumeration. To add a module to the Module Axapta base enum In the Application Object Tree (AOT), expand the Data Dictionary node, expand Base Enums, right-click Module Axapta, and then click New Element.

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