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An update provides you with the latest version of our .DAT file, which contains the most current virus protection available for your Mc Afee product.

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This option requires either a dial-up connection to the Internet, or a long distance phone call through an asynchronous modem connection to connect to our servers.

After downloading this update, the files will automatically install.

When you download the DAT file, it will appear on your hard drive as Simply double-click on the file, and it will install itself into your existing version of Virus Scan (or Virex for Macintosh users).

Using the incorrect DAT files for your version of Mc Afee Virus Scan can result in missed infections and possibly other errors. Solomon's Virex can get DAT file updates by following the same links.

The simplest way to get the latest DAT file is to go to select DAT Updates link from the Anti-Virus section or the Downloads section.

You will be prompted to choose the correct version of the DAT file to download, based on your version of Virus Scan.

The current DAT files can also be downloaded from these sources: Auto Update (Secure Cast): In the retail and deluxe versions of Virus Scan there is an Update Virus Scan option under the File pull-down menu.

To ensure that you have the most comprehensive virus protection available, you should visit to download and install the latest DAT files. Some versions of Mc Afee Virus Scan have timers built into the program to notify you when your DAT files become dangerously out of date.

Selecting the Update Virus Scan option from within the program and connecting to our site to check on new DAT files is also a valid method of updating your DAT files.

Be sure to update your DAT files, when we issue a Virus Alert about a particularly dangerous new virus. You can find your Virus Scan version and the DAT files, by running the program and going to the Help pull-down menu and selecting About.

Once you determine which version of Virus Scan you have, select the Virus Scan version at the Updates page to update your DAT files.

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