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by frm STPI've had a few experiences over the years dating back to when I was a child.Never occurred to me, but my friend's mom one day said I might have the 6th sense. Here are my experiences in a nutshell: Kindergarten: I saw a female figure in traditional clothing standing at the top of...8ft Tall & Distorted by Sergeant This is a personal account of mine, which dates back to the late 1970's when I was about 19-20 years old.I was living in a house me and my roommates believed to be haunted (See my other submission) and it increased my paranormal interest. A Shadow Man In The Night by Believe_1234This story is the first ghost encounter that I can remember and that I know actually happened.

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Before that, in the 1960's, the land was a sand pit owned by a large comp...6 Years Old Girl from the 1920s by fourthgeneration My sister recently stayed in our home, and said she was awoken from an afternoon nap by a little girl who was approximately 6-7 years old, wearing clothing that looked like it came from the 1920s-1930s.

The girl asked her very clearly: "Have you seen my mama?

" My sister replied "No" and then the gir...6th Sense Or Just Coincidences?

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by phear_xiong My unexplained experiences at 1894 Elm St.

*My room was in the basement, and my first night sleeping there one corner of the room was darker than the rest of the room.

It looked as if a dark figured shadowed just stood there.

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