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Songs and lyrics contain useful vocabulary, phrases and expressions – including both everyday language and up-to-date colloquial speech.

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**Teenage Guide To Popularity est un livre écrit par une américaine sur la société adolescente actuelle dans les lycée.

La traduction française serait le Guide de L'Adolescent vers la Popularité.

It’s time to warm up your singing voice and dig out your dancing shoes because this month we celebrate World Music Day.

By opening your mind to the music, you could boost your confidence, pick up new skills and expand your vocabulary. For example, when Brazilian actress and singer Marielle started to learn and write songs in English, she found that her new skills meant that she could reach a much wider audience.

If you’re inspired, don’t limit yourself to enjoying music just one day this month – here are some tips to help you continually learn English with music and lyrics…

Pick some of your favourite international artists and listen to plenty of songs with English lyrics.

This will allow you to get used to hearing the language, focus on your pronunciation and understand the different rhythms and tones of English.

On 21 June, the annual celebration will see musicians taking to the streets and revellers enjoying the melodies.

There’s something infectious about music – it gets in our heads – and maybe that’s why using music and lyrics to learn English can be both fun and effective.

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