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While total married members per city and age group were still in the upper hundreds, I typically found less than 30 married men that were active within the last day in each group. No surprise since many other Datelink sites are strongly “hook up tonight”-themed.Cougar Date Link, Big Boob Date Link, or One Night Date Link anyone?

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So if you sign up at Married Date Link, and you’re an Asian lady, you will also show up at Asian Date Link.

In fact, your log-in works across all of their sites.

Let’s see what that leads to: The good news is that all those niche sites combined make for a quite substantial supply of willing men.

“Willing” being key as the nature of most of the sites is much more explicit than, say, Ashley Madison.

Some numbers: In all the large cities, there are over 1000 total guys in each of the age groups I looked at and from each group about 100 had checked in within the last 24 hours.

More than enough for even the most insatiable femme fatale among you!

But remember that many of them did not necessarily sign up at Date Link, so it looks quite different if you’re really only out for other attached people.

I’ve had an account there for several months and although I mostly use Ashley Madison now, I still keep it around.

A dud for men, but for women – there are a few things you need to be aware of and depending on what those things mean to you, Married Date Link may or may not be a good choice for you.

First of all, Married Date Link really is not just one site. This company runs a long list of other “niche sites” like Divorced Date Link, Lonely Wives Date Link or even Biker Date Link that vary no more than in the picture on the homepage. They’re basically all the same except that the spots are in a different place.

The keen observer that you are, you already noticed the sites are not strictly focussed on having an affair for married people.

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