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Telltale signs your 'match' may be a fake: Phishing scams are typically fraudulent email messages from seemingly legitimate sources (your internet service provider, mobile phone provider, bank etc).These messages usually direct you to a counterfeit website or ask you to divulge private information (password, PIN, credit card numbers, or other account updates), which is then used to commit identity theft.

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Lavalife is a safe place for singles to test the waters or finally meet that special someone for a long-term relationship. We like to think of ourselves as a valuable friend helping you along the way in your life journey.

In this occasional series, we explore the incredible love stories of people who found each other online.

BRACEBRIDGE, ONT.—“Trailwalker1” really liked “Holly70.” Or at least the sound of her. “Holly70”) on the Lavalife dating site, but he was drawn to her profile. He noticed she was on the site every Thursday night. “In his picture, he looked like a smoker,” she explains.

Users of online dating sites, including, e Harmony, Plenty Of Fish,, Senior People Meet, Zoosk, Lavalife and Christian Mingle have faced a rise in phishing emails, which are designed to steal usernames and passwords.

Cybercriminals who steal accounts on these popular dating sites will go on to use them to commit online dating fraud.

By getting hold of genuine users' login details, the fraudsters can then use the dating site's messaging system to send messages to potential victims, building up a relationship with them before claiming that they need money for, say, a medical emergency or travel costs to arrange a meeting.Once they have been successful, fraudsters sometimes come up with more reasons why they need money and, in some cases, resort to blackmail - perhaps their victim has sent them explicit photos, which they threaten to email to friends and family.Many dating sites only allow messages to be exchanged with other users after a subscription fee has been paid.By compromising existing paid accounts, the fraudsters can avoid making any payments so they are harder to trace.Netcraft says it's not unusual for fraudsters to encourage their victims to migrate to instant messaging software or even text messages rather than continue chatting on the dating site, making it even harder to detect such fraud.If you think you have been the victim of a dating fraud, report it to Action Fraud on 03 or online.

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