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However, women are steadily becoming the primary breadwinners in their homes as more corporations diversify and jobs that used to be exclusively for men are made available to women too.

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Kenyan media has repeatedly reported the abuse of locals working as domestic workers in Saudi Arabia. While the rest of the world is nervous and choosing to take an emotional position on matters of forced migration and refugees, sometimes closing their doors in the face of people who are running from persecution, Uganda’s refugee policy and practice continues to be liberal, with an open door to all asylum seekers, writes Arthur Matsiko In Zambia’s endless cycle of elections, the distance between musicians and politicians has shrunk.

This has resulted in rather bizarre presidential decisions, prisoners being sprung from jail, danceable songs and so much more.

Women are known for their ability to shoulder responsibilities in their homes; those same traits that enable them to do so can be used to participate in nation building.

A tearful Kenyan woman pleaded with Kenyans to rescue her from her employers in a video she recorded in a bathroom.

Njeri Mwaura got her current job through an agent based on Accra Road, Nairobi and travelled to Saudi Arabia where her employers are allegedly mistreating her.

Mwaura narrated in Ki Swahili how she had not eaten in four days and is based in Riyadh but from Limuru, Kenya.

It is not clear when the video was made, how long she has been in the Middle East or what she is required to do in her job.

I’m not going to list what makes women so resilient; instead, I’ll discuss how some traits can affect the community in both negative and positive ways, says Athiek Abraham.

If a woman who is generally conscious of her health and has no underlying medical issues decides to have a child in her thirties, she should be just fine.

It is unfair that throughout their lives, women are guilted or manipulated into major life decisions.

The clock runs out when we reach menopause, not at 30 or 35 In Africa and elsewhere, men earn considerably more than women do.

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