How soon after divorce should i start dating

As anyone who has ever gone through a divorce can tell you, it is not the end-all to your romantic relationships.Many divorces actually stem from one of the spouse’s finding a new love, a paramour, so to speak.Clearly the heart will continue to want what it wants but when should you allow it to get what it wants? The overall general consensus among both family law and divorce attorneys and just everyday people is “no”.

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Share those social media posts with a judge and you’ve just founded your argument on solid evidence.

If you have more questions about family law and the potential complications of dating after divorce, you can contact Mitchell & West LLC and our Miami divorce lawyers today.

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Anything you put up there, you must assume that a judge will eventually see it. Could it possibly hurt your chances in important family law disputes later on, like child custody or alimony? Think over this very-possible scenario where the tables are turned.

Your ex-spouse says they cannot afford to give you any alimony.

But when you browse their Facebook, you see post after post of them taking vacations down to Jamaica.Where’s that money coming from and why isn’t it going to you?Finding someone else to relate to and who is interested in you can be a major confidence boost, helping you get back on your feet and steering your life in the direction you want.If you do want to intentionally wait, maybe just do so for 6 months to allow the dust to settle.While there is no clear benefit to waiting to start dating, there is a distinct advantage to exercising a bit of caution.And this is not meant to be caution towards (click here) – think twice about what you are going to post to social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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