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“It was just the two of them, her friends were on the dance floor. They were talking closely.” TMZ has images that appear to be from security cameras showing the pair in an embrace.A source told us the pictures were not taken from security footage, but were taken by someone above them on the second level of the club with a camera.

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We’re told Gomez arrived at Light in Mandalay Bay with her friends, after the opening night of her Revival Tour.

Bloom arrived with his friends, but the “Lord of the Rings” star made his way to her table during the night.

They were seen alone at the table looking very cozy, according to witnesses.

“They spent a solid hour together and there was tons of security in front of her table,” says the source.

Great news from the land of love today: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are not just another rumored romance dreamed up by tabloids and fans of hot people getting together. ET reports that the two are currently in Hawaii (ROMANCE) vacationing together, doing super coupley activities like eating dinner!

Spicy.)But the most magical thing about all of this? Remember when they were spotted canoodling and smelling each other at a Golden Globes after party? (And really, after seeing Orlando Bloom's abs we'll support any activity he wants to do shirtless.Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom, who is currently dating Katy Perry, were getting very close at a Las Vegas nightclub Friday, an insider confirms to Page Six.The trouble between the pair had been brewing since 2012, when Bieber was spotted flirting with Kerr backstage at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.On Saturday, Bloom was spotted at XS nightclub in Wynn minus Gomez to celebrate a bachelor party.He was seen with Perry, whom he has been dating since January’s Golden Globes, last week at the Met Gala.

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