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It deserves its reputation as the city’s best gay club, and might even be my favorite anywhere.1366 St.Catherine Est A multi-story bar and dance club, Le Drugstore is decorated to look somewhere between a New York City train station and pub, with street signs and exposed brick.

We had our choice of hip hop, house and straight up gay pop, plus a relatively low-key pub on the ground floor.

The club was completely packed, the people really friendly and the drinks a little overpriced.

Definitely worth it though: on top of the club is an open air deck with a hot tub and swimming pool.

Younger lesbians who like to party will probably spend most of their time on St.

Catherine, a long thoroughfare which runs through the Village (Montreal’s version of the Castro, Chelsea or West Hollywood).

The street has some of the city’s best shopping, nightlife and restaurants featuring nearly every cuisine imaginable. Catherine Est The Sky is seriously one of those places that makes me just thank the heavens that I’m queer, because seriously, straight people can not party like this.

If you ever find yourself dressed up with nothing to do, wandering down St. It’s mostly guys but very mixed; we saw plenty of lesbians and straight couples dancing to Madonna peacefully alongside skinny shirtless gay men.

With legalized same-sex marriage and women with sexy French Canadian accents, Montreal’s got a gay scene unlike any city in the U.

S.—yes, I think it’s even better than San Francisco’s, though perhaps more male-centric and definitely colder.

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