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Since Kaine joined the ticket, Clinton staffers assured reporters he'd support the nominee's position to repeal an amendment -- but he's saying otherwise.' I have not changed my position' If you're in need of a fresh grill for the outdoor cooking you'll be doing this summer, you'll find the most significant discounts at a very specific time.When you'll pay 70 percent less The brash billionaire mocked Trump Wednesday night, sharing what he thinks the GOP nominee should be most worried about when he faces Clinton.

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' If you've been doing this to your bread, your Italian ancestors are probably rolling over in their graves -- the real purpose for that bread will shock you.

The 'real' Italian way to treat your bread A relationship at work grows messy today as someone stops walking their talk.

You don't know whether or not to trust the words you hear, or to only pay attention to their actions. You have many little tasks to do today and you're not sure how you will get them all done.

However, you can accomplish a lot in a very small amount of time if you put your heart and soul into your...

You're pushing into new territory these days and you won't be able to continue looking in your rear view mirror for long.

Even if you're feeling nostalgic today, you can't just slip into your time...You may have so much work on your plate now that you just want to escape through the nearest exit.But you're not usually one to run out on something that's unfinished. A social cause might have you so fired up today that you can't help but jump up on your soapbox and speak out.Sometimes it takes a lot to grab your attention, but you're hooked now and won't be...It's best to unfold your story gradually today but you're too anxious to share your best-kept secrets.Unfortunately, your spontaneous disclosure won't make you feel any better, and might...

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