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It’s a pretty good series by the way, I recommend it. You can change it back and forth in a few clicks while logged into their site.

It’s easy to do and will unlock 8000 new shows on your Canadian Netflix account! After your account is created follow their setup guide for your device (Apple TV, Xbox, PS3, Wii, PC, Smart TV… I know this can seem confusing, but here’s the most basic way to put it: All Netflix accounts are the same. (So that means even if you created your Netflix account in the US and came back to Canada, you would NOT have US Netflix) This is where Blockless comes in – Blockless tricks Netflix into thinking you are connecting to them from the USA.

To get US Netflix in Canada all you need is a Blockless account. This gives you full access to the Netflix USA content.

Although it is true Netflix has started cracking down on similar services, Blockless does still work for many people and not only works for unblocking US Netflix, but also Hulu, Pandora and other services. Netflix just determines which shows you get to watch based on where you’re connecting to Netflix from.

It’s very simple to setup, easy as putting 2 codes into your device’s settings.

Blockless is a tool that’s used by 10,000s of Canadians every month to get USA Netflix and other blocked services here in Canada.

Plus with Blockless you can switch to up to 29 other regions for even more shows & movies.To switch to another country’s Netflix, just follow the Blockless setup guides and select the country while logged into your Blockless account.To know if you’re on American Netflix, search for the show “Sons of Anarchy” – if Sons of Anarchy shows up, you’re on American Netflix! Blockless lets you access almost every country’s version of Netflix in the world.Before I used Blockless to get US Netflix, I was doing it another way with random DNS numbers I found online.The problem with those is my Netflix connection would die every 3 days and they would only work on certain devices (like a PC).Since I’ve switched to Blockless, Netflix just works.

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