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Welcome to the April 15, 2009 edition of muse on everything down here.This time there was an overwhelming response on varied topics.

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Learn how to find out if your man is cheating, and if not - whether or not he is good marriage material in the first place." AEDINSY presents Alcoholism and Marriage, saying, "ALCOHOLISM is a marriage killer!

It can rip apart and threaten the core of ANY relationship and undermine the foundation of the whole family.

Learn to recognize the problems and get solutions to dealing with ALCOHOLISM AND MARRIAGE.

the Strip | Play In Vegas, saying, "If you are a self-employed professional, you probably find it very difficult to calculate the accurate figure for your income." Lance Cooper presents How to Invest with $10,000-$50,000 in the Current Market Condition, saying, "When many people think New York City, they think "expensive" and for the most part��..they're right!

The food is expensive, the hotels are expensive, and the shows are expensive." Den Levin presents Intro to Casino Games | Play In Vegas, saying, "over 400 million people speaking Spanish as their native tongue (and counting!

); it's easy to see how you'll benefit from learning Spanish as a second language." Travel Advocate presents Air Safety Awareness Heightened Resulting from US Airways Miracle Landing, saying, "Currently, Spanish is the primary language for over 400 million people around the world.

Twenty three countries use Spanish as their nation language, and there are over 38 million people in the United States alone who speak Spanish as a primary language." English Subject presents Learn English - English Speaking Tutorial » Blog Archives » Understanding Business English and Etiquette, saying, "If your intuition has been triggered, and you know there's something's wrong with the relationship, then you shouldn't ignore your feelings.

Though there were few articles that were out of scope of the current edition, I have decided to publish them for the bloggers' spirit! My blog, is relatively new, any advice or insight you can provide me would be appreciated. :)" Sarah presents Famous Women Poker Player Profile: Lucy Rokach, saying, "Lucienne (Lucy) Rokach �C one of these top-notch women, is an English poker player from Stoke-on-Trent whose notable achievements include earning over .9 million in total poker winnings." Matt K presents Corporate Flight Attendant Community, saying, "One of the most challenging aspects of learning a new language is understanding how to string together all the words you��ve learned into a cohesive sentence." Byteful Travel presents Is Navy Pier a glorified shopping mall?

, saying, "The city of Chicago is full of wonders and gems for the curious traveller to discover, many of them available free of charge.

After briefly visiting Wrigley Field, I explored the famous Navy Pier, which reminded me more of a small city than a pier.

(Tons of high resolution photos included.)" Gambling Tipster presents Expected Value | Gambling Tips, saying, "Great diet tips for those wondering what foods they can eat if they're at risk or suffering from Gout, which is a really painful form of Arthritis." Den Levin presents Downtown vs.

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