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Though his works had a major impact on the development of the classical era and the piano works of Clementi, Mozart, and even Beethoven, Scarlatti began to fall out of fashion in the Romantic era, which was further accelerated by the revival of Bach.However, Chopin, who was a Scarlatti enthusiast, predicted that "the day will come when Scarlatti's music will often be played at concerts and that audiences will appreciate and enjoy it".

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When I first began exploring Scarlatti, I had a lot of doubts, but soon I discovered that my fears were for nothing.

In fact, as Chopin once noted, Scarlatti's style can be more likened to Mozart than to Bach.

It dances, it's joyful, it's rhythmically complex, but it's always clear as crystal.

His rapid rhythms and love of tonal modes always makes his works a joy to hear, but I love Scarlatti for very different reasons than I love Bach.

Another great exponent was Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, whose clear, calculated style brings out the best of these jewels.

Today, we are seeing an even more increased interest in Scarlatti, with top-notch recordings from pianists like Perahia to Pogorelich to Subdin.

There has also been a notable development in HIP Scarlatti, where pianists like Scott Ross have picked up the work of Kirkpatrick and recorded all 555 of Scarlatti sonatas, a supreme accomplishment.

Playing time: 77' 03" Performer: Scott Ross (harpsichord).

Recording site and date: Radio-France (studio 103 & 107) and Chapel of the Château d'Assas [June 1984 - September 1985] Rel.

1989 (CD & Cass.), 1992 (Digital Cass.) Compilation Erato ECD 75400 [CDx34] Domenico Scarlatti: L'oeuvre complète pour clavier Erato 0927-48643-2 [CD] Hommage à Scott Ross - Tribute to Scott Ross: Bach /d'Anglebert / Scarlatti Excerpts [14], [18], [29], [33], [42] Erato 2292 45957-2 [CDx3] Clavecin ( J. Bach, Scarlatti, Padre Soler) [7]-[10], [13] Erato 2292 45422-2 [CDx3] Domenico Scarlatti: Anthologie - 56 sonatas [2], [4], [8]-[9], [15] Erato 4509 96135-2 [CD] L'art de Scott Ross: Bach - Scarlatti - Handel - Soler Reviewed in: Diapason (#-p.): Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): Goldberg (#-p.): Comments: Information from owned CD.

One of the most fascinating but gargantuan bodies of work is Domenico Scarlatti's set of 555 keyboard sonatas.

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