Dating old boyfriend after divorce

I recommend her to anyone who needs to understand the true meaning of Empowerment for the Heart! SEO , Search Light7 “After going through a bad breakup I was left empty inside and in the process lost all of my confidence until I found Leslie Ziemba.

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I’d like to share with you exactly WHY I am here and a bit about my background with Love, Life and Relationships.

I help busy professionals all around the country to heal areas of LOVE and guide them through various Love, Dating and Relationship Obstacles.

We are an exclusive Love & Lifestyle coaching and consulting service designed to help you Attract Love to you.

I felt after one session I received the guidance I’ve been in search for my entire life and am now on the road to true healing…I highly recommend spending a few hours with Leslie as she will help you discover the treasures of being and living your highest truth….beyond what you can think and imagine.

She has a fine eye to see past words and guide you to your road of fulfilled healing.

I am so blessed to come across a beautiful authentic human being who GENUINELY wants to help!! Holistic Nutritionist Leslie Ziemba is very passionate about what she does in helping build relationships across the country.

She is absolutely amazing at what she does with her consultation for individuals and couples who needs to understand that mending a broken heart depends on their desire to want to change for the better.

Founded by Leslie Ziemba of Charleston, SC, We serve clients NATIONWIDE by providing a variety of consulting and coaching services.

“Leslie is an exceptional transformational life coach…I feel it goes beyond that though.

I have seen several life coaches, holistic healers and nothing seemed to touch these deeper wounds I’ve experienced.

Leslie exudes warmth, compassion and comfort and subtly helps shift feelings that have felt stagnant and getting right to the point.

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