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car engines continued to get bigger and more powerful and gas cost 29 cents.

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1953 - Mc Carthyism spreads as more people join in on it, books by certain authors begin to be banned and diplomats who rouse the attention of Mc Carthy are removed, panic spreads 8.

1953 - Mc Carthy's influence reaches its peak as loyalty oaths and black lists reach all corners of the country.

Many people are accused as a result of "guilt by association" and many others are forced to endure intimidating legislative hearings 9.

What happened in 1954 Major News Stories include Mass vaccination of children against polio begins, Elvis Presley begins his music career, Communist Control Act outlawing Communist Party in the US, Brown v.

Board of Education Decision, Mercedes introduced the 300SL coupe, with its gull-wing doors, US "Operation Wetback" is started, Ellis Island in New York closes as a point of Immigration, Senator Joseph Mc Carthy is censured, bringing an end to his witch hunt of Communists.

1954 following more wives moving back into the workforce the economy continued to grow and consumer goods and television programmes included the popular "Father Knows Best" Marlin Brando starred in two of the most popular movies " On The Waterfront" and "The Wild One" The Movie " Blackboard Jungle" also featured the song " Rock Around The Clock" from Bill Haley and the Comets, and Elvis Presley cut his first commercial record.

A new trend also started called DIY Do It Yourself projects as families wanted to improve their homes and do their own maintenance .

1950 - Mc Carthy retaliates by implying that Senator Tydings of Maryland is a Communist sympathizer and Tydings loses re-election 4.

September 1950 - Congress passes the Mc Carran Internal Security Act which allows the creation of the Subversive Activities Control Board to monitor Communists in the United States 5.

1951 - Mc Carthy accuses General Marshall of being involved in an immense conspiracy 6.

1953 - Senator Mc Carthy becomes the chair of the Senate Committee on Government Operations and pursues alleged Communists within the Executive branch 7.

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