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In fact, the difficult part was setting up my profile correctly.I spent my entire Sunday working on my profile; refining it, putting up the right types of pictures, writing the right types of things.

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I always thought that the best way to attract a woman was in person.

The thinking was that this is only effective way that you can portray your personality. I click on my inbox and send out some playful replies to the three girls that just messaged me.

I’ve only been at this for a week now and it’s almost too easy.

This gives me about 750 single women worth of dating within five miles of my house.

Those are good odds and the truth is there’s a whole lot more than just 750 women.

Prior to last weekend, I had always thought of My Space and online dating to be a complete waste of time.

I’ve attempted online dating twice before and looking back, they were pretty lame attempts.

I’m sitting at my desk browsing through a page of smoking hot women.

I click on five profiles that I like and shoot off quick little messages to each one.

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