Dating in your mid twenties speed dating newtown pa

Then it all ended, the spark went out, the feelings faded; the relationship became the remains of a dead body that you were still trying to poke alive.

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Days and months went by and you remained adamant on your stance of being on a dating hiatus.

Then, from right out of left field, you were swept off your feet again.

Now this relationship may or may not work out, but the point is that you will allow yourself to try again whether you like it or not.

As my 26th birthday inches closer and closer toward me, I began doing a lot more reflecting on my current state of affairs, more than I've ever done before any other birthday.

After a quarter of a century of living, you sort of stop and take a moment to really try and figure out where you are and where you plan on going exactly.

It's not easy because you quickly realize that you don't have the answers to most of the questions that come up; whether they are about marriage or your career or whether you should invest in that condo in the heart of the city, these questions become heavier and heavier on you as you strive to find the hopefully correct answer to them.

Throughout my current reflections, I have yet to answer these and other questions, but I have come to terms with many things that I saw happening in my life.

Although many will wonder what a budding 25 year old has to offer in terms of great wisdom, many will realize that they are not alone in their confusion or quest for answers.

I think that that was the scariest part up until today, feeling alone in my life or feeling as though I can't get the right answers.

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