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get Day() is an date method in Java Script, which is used to return the day of the week (Name/number of the day in a week between 0 to 6) for the specified date. In Java Script, by using get Day() we can return the name of the present day.As we all know there are 7 days in a week, the numbering for those days in Java Script goes as follow, Sunday=0, Monday=1, Tuesday=2,................ ; var weekdays = new Array(7); weekdays[0] = "Sunday"; weekdays[1] = "Monday"; weekdays[2] = "Tuesday"; weekdays[3] = "Wednesday"; weekdays[4] = "Thursday"; weekdays[5] = "Friday"; weekdays[6] = "Saturday"; var r = weekdays[A.

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Her decision to jet back to New York resulted in her smitten kitten making a mad dash to the airport to prevent her from leaving, but alas he was too late and the series ended with Spencer’s long face and puppy dog eyes contemplating her loss.

His next project became on-off ex-girlfriend Louise Thompson – an established member of the Chelsea set who was introduced to viewers at the start of series two.

Their strictly casual relationship was a tale of two stories as smug Spence hopped from bar to party chatting up the female members of the Sloaney crowd, while Louise tried to maintain her “friends with benefits” cool.

Sadly the return of Caggster put paid to any burgeoning feelings between the pair as Spencer’s wandering eye prompted Louise to end their “understanding”.

First there was Funda – the leggy model come dancer who’d snagged the heart of the Chelsea lothario and kept him under lock and key in their shared abode.

But then his long-time crush Caggie Dunlop swanned back into Chelsea and everything changed.

Spence was smitten, and there was nothing Funda could do to change what he, the cast, and everyone but Caggie believed was fated.

But all was not rosy following Funda’s unfair dismissal as Miss Dunlop continued to give poor Spencer the cold shoulder.

But before anyone got excited about a possible union, along swaggered Oliver Proudlock (he of dangling earring and retro t-shirt fame) – an Eton schoolfriend of Matthews’ and one-time sweetheart of Caggie.

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