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I saw the second plane hit the building and I said, 'Wow that's unbelievable,'" Trump continued.At least 200 people are believed to have jumped from the Twin Towers after planes struck the towers in an attack that claimed more than 2,600 lives.

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The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment asking how Trump witnessed people jumping out of the Twin Towers from more than four miles away.

Trump on Monday also dug into his claim that Muslims in New Jersey celebrated the terrorist attacks on 9/11, a claim that has been widely debunked by multiple fact-checkers.

Ben Carson, a rival Republican presidential candidate, initially backed Trump's claim about American Muslims celebrating the terrorist attacks.

But on Monday his campaign walked back Carson's statement. Carson does not stand behind the statement attributed to him early today regarding events surrounding 9/11.

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Donald Trump said Monday that he witnessed people jumping out of the Twin Towers on 9/11 from the view in his apartment.

"Many people jumped and I witnessed it, I watched that.I have a view -- a view in my apartment that was specifically aimed at the World Trade Center," Trump said Monday during a rally in Columbus, Ohio."And I watched those people jump and I watched the second plane hit ...He does not believe Muslim Americans in New Jersey were celebrating the fall of the Twin Towers," Carson communications director Doug Watts said Monday in a statement.In a classic stump speech Monday, Trump captivated a crowd of supporters by talking up his front-runner standing in the latest polls, mocking Ohio Gov.John Kasich's bottom-tier poll numbers, and slamming the press for covering a violent altercation at his previous rally between a Black Lives Matter protester and several white attendees.

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