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Dear Toya, I have a friend and she’s confided in me that her boyfriend has an embarrassing habit of peeing in the bed, I swear I’m not making this up!

She’s always afraid of being too mean and hurting someone’s feelings. If you had a problem would you want your man to leave you? Sincerely, Toya Sassy, fabulous, and caring are just a few adjectives used to describe Ms. Already an accomplished author, motivator and Atlanta socialite, the multi-hyphenate now serves as Sweet Talk's Official Sex, Dating & Relationship Advice Expert for Flavor

I told her she should have kicked his ass to the curb a long time ago and she has low self-esteem by putting up with a pathetic bed-wetter. -Tracey Luv Hi Tracy-Luv, I do think that you are being insensitive. If so, then before she kicks him to the curb she should encourage him to talk to a doctor about his bed wetting. Please tell her to assist that he gets some medical help. Stephanie Klein serves as contributing Love & Dating Tips Editor. Feel free to also drop a question or request for Toya in the 'Ask Toya' section of our Contact us page or at flavorco@

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