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Please click the title of the Grid View to sort the result by Person ID, Last Name or First Name properties. Add an folder "App_Data" and create a Sql Server Database,"Grid View.mdf".

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Double click on the following event and generate the Event Handlers, after that, fill the generated methods with the sample code. Double click on the Click event of Link Button control to generate the event handler and fill the generated methods with the sample, these two button are used to add new items to the database file and cancel the insert operate. The Data In page is pretty much the same with Data From Data page, this web page get data from memory, instead of database file.

So we only need to add a new method "Initialize Data Source" for generating the Data Table variable, then we need to modify the Bind Grid View method to bind new the Data Table with Grid View.

Hi I am having problems retriving values from the last inserted row in a Data Table, what is happening in the code below is that a new Data Row is being added to a Data Table in a Data Set, then I am calling my Update DB method which should be returning the updated Data Set, but I can't retrieve the Note ID of the newly inserted row, it just returns nothing, if I try to retrieve data from all the other rows, there is no problems. Secondly, you need this SQL in your stored procedure to get back the newly inserted record's ID: Hi Atconway Thank you for showing interest in my problem, a problem which, I must admit, find quite strange! NET and then I am updating the Data Set to actually insert the new row in the database, below I paste some more code to make this clear to you: my WS = new EBBWS. Tables[0]; Data Row this Row = (Data Row)my Data Table. You write about my stored procedure, well I haven't got any store procedure! I don't quite get the SQL things you write, escpecially as I haven't got a stored procedure.

This CSASPNETGrid View project describes how to populate ASP.

NET Grid View control and how to implement Insert, Edit, Update, Delete, Paging and Sorting functions in ASP. We have received many posts in forums about this popular web control, so this sample provides a complete sample for showing how to implement these basic functions of this control.

The sample demonstrates data source from both database and memory.For this sample to work, you must install the Sql Server 2008 R2 Express.This sample contains a Sql Server database file, if you do not install Sql Server, The Data In page can also works fine.More information about Sql Server 2008 R2 Express and download links can be found here: Please follow these demonstration steps below. Expand the CSASPNETGrid View web application and press Ctrl + F5 to show the Data From Step 2: We will see a Gird View control on the page, you can add, edit, delete the columns of the Grid View control, the data is come from App_Data/Grid file, and the Grid View's status is stored in View State for persisting data across postbacks.Step 3: The Grid View the page size is 15, you need insert 16 Persons in this Grid View to see the next page. NET Empty Web Application" in Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Web Developer 2010. The project includes two web form pages for demonstrating two ways to bind data source with the Grid View, name them as "Data From Data Base.aspx", "Data In Memory.aspx". Before we start to write code, we need install Sql Server 2008 R2 Express and create a database file as the data source of Grid View control.

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