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As with any unusual trait, tall women attract fetishists. Others follow me digitally, repeatedly emailing my account. The concierge glanced at me and silently aimed a pinky toward a dimmed conference room.Sometimes I’ll find myself being tailed down the sidewalk until I duck into a fancy building and flash a smile at the doorman. Inside, a hundred men and women, five-foot-ten to seven-foot-two, sat around tables. Half of the audience turned at the disruption, straining their specially ordered formalwear, before nodding and returning their eyes to the stage, a set of cheap two-foot platforms on a beige rug, in front of a puce wall divider on tracks.On the stage, spotlights followed five gowned pageant contestants in the formalwear competition, teetering through a holding pattern of steps, turns and pauses.

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Worship Your Partner's Feet without Fear of Rejection Since You All Share the Same Passion.

They’re nearly two feet long, extending my legs to forty-five inches, and my total height to six-foot-three. My femurs, trunk, head and other parts are all normal sized. To begin with, to be extra-tall is to be somehow more than the average woman. Strangers on the subway peer upward and tell me about their childhood neighbor who was tall.

Perhaps my other shin-like bones, in my forearms and fingers, are a bit lengthy as well — I have a nine-and-a-half-inch thumb-to-pinky span, and my six-foot-five wingspan is slightly freakish. Fellow grocery shoppers sheepishly request my help procuring items from upper shelves.

Male passers-by mutter, "That was one giant woman." Men seem particularly inclined to register one characteristic: tall.

They put me in the "enormous" category and move on.

I compensate by joking openly about my height — a maneuver that I’ve noticed fat girls use. And short people seem to think that tall is synonymous with sexy.

It’s a social trick, pulling the ball back into your court by letting all your wonderful traits shine through from the get-go. They’ll point out that Olympic volleyball bombshell Gabrielle Reece is six-three, that Kimora Lee Simmons is just a smidge over six feet, that Brigitte Nielsen, six-one, starred in a rarely viewed romantic comedy called sexy.

The message is, "There are other things besides my shape that I want you to register, such as the fact that I am not a he-man, and you need to re-categorize me pronto." But height does have its bonuses. All of these women weigh at least seventy-five pounds less than I do.

But it’s nice that short acquaintances of mine think that hypothetical others think I’m sexy. " Thus the allure of hanging out with tall people in a hotel at their weeklong social convention for uncharacteristically tall people.

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