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Inversely, the online dater is often a successful and busy person who simply doesn’t have the time to get out and meet other people. Folks in their 70s and beyond have been given another chance at love via online dating, and there are even marriages to prove it! Online dating can be unsafe, if you don’t follow proper safety guidelines.

There are tons of great, genuine people looking to hook up online.

While those that have never tried online dating often state this myth as the reason, the truth is that the top reason that people do check out dating online is that they haven’t been able to meet the right person in the ‘traditional’ way.

They are far from being losers, freaks, geeks, or dweebs. No one is ever too old to experience what online dating has to offer.

Around one in five relationships in the modern world begins…online!

These startling statistics might make you wonder if all of the bad things that you’ve read or heard about online dating are rooted in fact, or if they could be just myths.

In all reality, online dating is here to stay, and more and more people are turning to the Internet to find love.

Much of what you may think you know about online dating is actually untrue, at least in part.

Let’s look at the top online dating myths that are circulating through your mind right now – and get to the real 4-1-1 about dating online.

While it is true that there are a small percentage of (for lack of a better word) ignorant people that post fake profiles on dating sites, or that lie about their occupation, their weight, and more, the vast majority of the millions of people who are dating online are 100% honest about themselves and what they have to offer.

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