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However, visual novel is the general term of dating sim games in most cases with a few exceptions.Amagami Videos (Youtube) Watch whatever you like... Tokimemo-type dating sims are stat-based + choice-based and most of the game is spent raising stats.

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If a fan translation appears for this, I wouldn't hesitate to fork out the $60. v=2bo Mc Drr J8o Official site was curious on what this game was all about...

and it seems like it's somewhat similar to Kimikiss after all... Though, it seems like the time frame/limit now is a whole school year, rather than Kimikiss's 30 days?

(Not sure, memory's fuzzy.) Isn't that the same thing? Visual Novel games tend to lack decision making and has a linear story, while dating sim games allow tons of decision making and the story is kind of like the "choose your own path".

So far there's not much but I wanted to post what I have so far so people could give it a try or something.

So far Ulquiorra is the only one available (still not complete) but yeah. I think they look kinda cheesy and I'm planning on changing them to something that looks half decent.

I'll have the other characters added in sooner or later. Credit so far: Keiichi Anime Forever (Bleach Style Text)Pack Lackey (Rendering of Aizen)iruka08 (Rendering of Ulquiorra)I do not own Bleach, the characters, pictures or song.

This game is simply for entertainment purposes only.

This was done by the same people who created Kimikiss.

Translated from Japanese: Produced by Enterbrain of Kimikiss fame, Amagami is another love story about a boy (you) finally plucking up his courage to go ask the girl of his dreams out.

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