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They will be sold in the vestibule after Masses and at a table outside the Gift Shop on Saturday and Sundays.

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Summer 2008 Over the years, many people have asked me about the group of young actors who became famous in the mid-'80s as the "Brat Pack." The Brat Pack actors burst into the consciousness of late baby boomers and Gen X'ers with a series of films about teen and young adult angst just at the time the audiences for these films was going through their own young adult angst.

is a process through which the Diocese of Trenton, its parishes and ministries, will plan to meet challenges and respond to new opportunities for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ for years to come. The recommendations for our cohort 25, which includes, St. Please continue to pray for the success of Faith in the Future.

Again, these are recommendations not the finished product.

Theresa will soon be meeting to go over the recommendations and to make necessary changes before submitting to the Diocesan Planning Committee.

are available at the Gift Store on Wednesdays from pm to pm and Fridays from pm to pm.

If you have not, you will have to get with your local parish to receive the training, also availability during the week between the hours of 9-5 is required at least once.

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