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Then I added another blog post to my site but the rss on goodreads did not update. I am not on WP or another blogging site so there aren't any special private/share settings to configure. I am still waiting for a blog post from Jan 7 to appear (via the RSS feed) in Goodreads. Let me know if you're still experiencing RSS related issues, so that I can pass them along to the development team. However, for some reason on one of my books the ratings are still not updating, though both a rating and a review were added. Author blog posts do import automatically, but not immediately.

It has shown up almost immediately on my Author Central page, so I know the feed is fine. Goodreads checks thousands of author blogs for updates, and the process (checking one at a time) takes over a day.

wrote: "I'm not updating either, and it's making me a little cranky because I have a new release and I wanted to chirp about it."Same here D. - and I have a giveaway, so it's not doing goo..." Hi everyone! I've just manually refreshed the cached on your book, so the counts should be accurate now.

Hi Judy, The ratings and review counts on book pages are cached to improve site performance, so it can sometimes take a couple of days for new ratings/reviews to show up.

So it can be a day or two before new blog posts import.

Flagging a post will send it to the Goodreads Customer Care team for review. Only flag comments that clearly need our attention.As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site.My Word Press installation was working quite well, however it recently stopped properly updating feeds when new posts are published. I may have deleted a tranistent feed table using the Clean Options Word Press plugin. I don't know if that's the cause, but I can force it to update by changing one of the Feed settings manually each time. The feed will only show the items from before then. If I go tweak a feed setting, it then gets flushed and works.

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