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“That said, we know that it's not just black people who have a desire to date black people!

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WE ALL know the old saying: love comes when you least expect it.

But for many keen to find a new partner, a more proactive approach is preferable.

And what better time to take control of your love life than in the new year?

Looking for love on dating websites has become a growing trend amongst singles of all ages, and Dates 4 Us is the latest company to become part of this phenomenon.

But as the name would suggest, this is a company with a difference, as it’s ‘for us’ – namely black and mixed race singles looking for love.

“Dates 4 Us enables black and mixed race singles to look for love and not have to feel coy or apologetic for wanting to seek a partner with the same or similar cultural interests,” says company founder Leon James.“In a society that prides itself on multiculturalism, there is a danger that some might feel uncomfortable about admitting they'd like to settle down with someone of their own race.Dates 4 Us eliminates that issue by providing a service for those who are specific in their desire to find a partner of the same race.“With these conventional means of finding a partner out the window, it left them pretty stumped on how they'd go about finding love.LOVE HAS NO AGE LIMIT: Dates 4 Us caters for both younger singles and over-50s “The other common denominator with all of them was that they shared the desire to settle down with a partner of their own race.Obviously, we’re a diverse community with varied interests, so I came up with the idea of creating a site that would serve as a hub for black and mixed race singles who are looking for love.” Described as “fun, free and professional,” Dates 4 Us, which is free to join, has two avenues: one for younger singletons, and the other for over-50s.

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